Know Your Buddy-Pragya Dass

Hello everyone! I’m Pragya, from the city of joy!

I have done my graduation in management ,2015 passout.

I take some time to open up but once I get comfortable with someone, it’s really difficult to make me shut up! I’m a total movie buff and though it’s difficult to believe seeing my size, but I’m a foodie too! 😀 I’m also a dog lover and speak a language that even I don’t understand when I have them around ! it’s more like a reflex. J

One more thing that I’m really passionate about is dancing! From a very young age I have taken interest in dance and have involved myself in different competitions and cultural fests throughout school and college !

After spending 22 years in Kolkata, Bangalore Is something im really looking forward to. Though the thought of staying all by myself, away from home is giving me butterflies in my stomach, but I’m sure it’s going to be really exciting too! J

Looking forward to meet some really interesting people in college. See you guys in Bangalore!! IMG_0334.JPG

Know Your Buddy – Sayali Dokey

An Engineer from Pune to tell you all,

I am Sayali Dokey my friends – quite tall !
Lucky to have worked in a chocolate factory,
For me a weekend movie is mandatory !😀
Dance is my passion – Bharatnatyam or Bollywood,
Good food & music are enough to lift my mood !🙂
Trekking & nature trails is true peace for me,
Painter or a sportsman was something I always wanted to be !
Let me tell you a secret I cannot sing good at all,😛
Now seriously can’t wait anymore to meet you all !!!
My paintings!

Know Your Buddy – Deepanshu Gupta

Greetings Buddies,

This is Deepanshu Gupta.  I come from city Banda located in Uttar Pradesh.  4 years of engineering from NCR and 19 months of association with Cognizant, Pune has shaped the person I am today.

Drawing! I wouldn’t say I am pro at it but  I do draw cartoons especially Walt Disney characters. I also have boots having wheels connected to its bottom that helps a person to propel on surface. Yes, I am taking about rolling skates. Skating is a stress buster for me. Apart from these, I am crazy in exploring food, known as FOODPANDU at my previous workplace, reading reviews on zomato is my every other day activity. I enjoy partying with friends . With below intros, I see a lot of interesting people to jel up in coming days.

Keeping it short, I am looking forward for a wonderful 2 years of learning and enjoyment through my next step at NMIMS, Bangalore.

The rest will be seen sooner..!




Know Your Buddy – Aman Verma

Hello Everyone,

My name is Aman Verma and I am presently situated in Mumbai. I completed my graduation in business administration from Christ University in 2014 and then went on to join the marketing team of zomato for a few months. I have also done an internship project with Coca-Cola India in 2013.

When I talk about my passion, music is the first thing that strikes my mind. I am a vocalist. I love singing. I follow cricket as well.

With a hope to make new friends and with an aim to learn, I shall soon be seen in the Nmims Bangalore with you all.

See u all soon.


Know Your Buddy – Devyani Mehta

We all go through that period where we are mocked for some shortcoming of ours. I was no exception. Being a little less tall, I was always picked on for not being able to do the tough things normal people would usually do !

After a while when the mocking got a little too serious and aggravated my anger, I decided to vent out my anger in a more positive way.
I went on my first trek to panchalingeshwar where I was challenging myself with people who were much more built and tall. Trekking, river crossing, living in tents  ,river rafting, rock climbing, made me cherish the very small things in life, one of them being myself 🙂 I began finding happiness in the places I visited, the different people I met and the memories I made.
Going on treks to shankarpur, uttarey and climbing various mountains, living in unbearably cold temperatures just made me realise that my height was inversely proportional to my level of toughness.
I have trekked a total of 96kms and achieved the bronze standard. I hope we all can channelize our so called shortcomings in a way to just challenge ourselves and allow it to surprise us 🙂image1-2.JPG

Know Your Buddy – Ritwika Ray

1464099968797Hailing from the City of Joy I have to be passionate about food.So much so that I worship sweets. Jalebis and Gulab Jamuns need special mention 🙂 Basically I adore junk food. Having said that I am also a health freak and work hard to burn those calories.

I like to try my hands at preparing new dishes. Hope you guys get a taste of my culinary skills soon :)At leisure I like sketching and gardening. Also contribute my bit towards society by actively volunteering for various CSR activities like teaching the under privileged, street cleaning drives etc.

I am quite like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when it comes to cleanliness 🙂 As a travel enthusiast I love exploring places.Bollywood masala movies interest me.

Here comes a disclaimer..I suffer from Katsaridaphobia which is fear of cockroaches and I go haywire on spotting them.I am sure you guys would get a demo sometime Amusement park rides scare me to death.

Most importantly I love sleeping and can sleep for hours. Wonder how much of a task it would be to stay awake for those assignments

On the professional front I am a B.Tech grad with 4yrs of work ex in TCS and Infosys.

Looking forward to a great time at NMB!!

Know Your Buddy – Smit Jeswani

Hello people!

This is Smit Prakash Jeswani from Kutch, Gujarat. People might describe me as cheerful & optimistic. I do carry a lot of enthusiasm in doing things.

I had some great experience as I did my Engineering in Electronics & Communication currently employed with IGATE now Capgemini as Software Engineer, got accolades for tasks well done at GE Client Location.

I enjoy Reading only Non Fiction to some range of articles, passionate about getting involved in organizing events, quizzes. I have been active in debates, extra-curricular activities, drawing and painting since school. Involving in discussion of ideas or anything sort of which is something unique excites me, Mimicry to have fun and I like to make fun out of anything.

I have business exposure and unique experiences in my Part time business of Firecrackers & kites since 5 years and also a bit of investing in stocks, etc.

I look forward to meet you all and believe that we will create rich learning environment here at NMIMS not only to become some of best managers or leaders but also to be identified as wonderful human beings!



Greetings people!
I am Deeksha. I am from Delhi.
I went to school at DPS Vasant Kunj and then completed Bcom honors from Lady Shri Ram College, DU
I don’t have work experience but have undergone two internships so far.
I am a simple person who is quite conscious about cleanliness and hygiene.
I am an observer and thinker by nature …And at the same time quite talkative
I believe in enjoying life and taking one day at a time as it comes
I love listening to music (all kinds) and eating (non-spicy savoury and chocolate desserts only :p)
I am a peace loving, an environment-friendly person who propagates non-violence.
I take a huge interest in  communication ,oration, diction and public speaking.
A perfect speech by an orator could give me goosebumps :p
My friends think that I’m understanding and at times may just fulfill the role of an agony aunt for some :p
Being a Gemini, I have all the opposite qualities at the same time and that does confuse me at times :p
I am really looking forward to my MBA journey at NMIMS
I believe that what makes an institution great is the people associated with it rather than rankings and perceptions
It is my heartfelt desire to be able to contribute to the stupendous growth of NMIMS Bangalore and take it to an altogether new zenith
See you all in Bangalore very soon


Know Your Buddy – Dipesh Gupta

I need to find creative diversity because if I get stuck, I get unhappy.

This is the way I am living my life till now.

Being a Mathematics student went in the field of Biotechnology (at NIT Durgapur) then I came in the field of IT stayed there for 2 year and 4 month. After doing all these things I didn’t get satisfaction at work and  I felt something was missing in me so I planned to do MBA from a repudiated college to fill the missing gap in me.

Apart from studies at my Graduation college I Participated in Presidential election , which I  lost eventually, but it gave me a everlasting experience. I organized couple of Cultural events during college life. Having lived in all zones of India – North(Home Town), South(Work Place), East(College) and West(Sister’s place) I got a habit of eating\trying new stuffs and exploring news places, covered many places of South India during work life and I would like to explore even more places with new friends.

Looking forward to meet everyone soon.


Know Your Buddy – Ravikiran

Helloo all,

I am Ravikiran from Hyderabad. My hometown is over 100km from here. I’ve been staying here since 2011. I’m working for Globallogic pvt. Ltd.

I love reading books and I play Table Tennis and Cricket.

I love to sit alone for hours watching the greenery.

I always try to help physically and visually handicapped people in the way I can. I help visually handicapped people in writing their exams.

Finally,  I’m very happy to be a part of this batch, which has many talented people from all the parts of the country. Lets make the coming 2 years a memorable journey.