Trip down the memory lane

Every year, thousands of students join B-schools with the objective of building a management career and learning about the world of business. Nobody really joins a B-school for making friends or joining clubs and committees. But when you look back, it is those moments spent with friends and the hard work you put in to pull off your club/committee events and work that truly stay with you.
I had a brilliant time at NMIMS Bangalore and am truly grateful to the institute for the learning opportunities it gave me, for constantly pushing me to become a better person, and for giving a kickstart to my HR career.


As I take a trip down the memory lane, I can think of several wonderful moments that I lived in those two years. But if I have to pin-point any specific days or events, these seven come to my mind:

  1. Juggling between 4 Clubs/Committees: Knowesis had me proofread endless number of articles, HR Club got me to chase corporate HR folks to turn up for our symposium, the pyaar for PR Cell meant too many sacrifices on studies and personal life and D-Com made me one among 5 most hated persons in college! But all worth every pound of effort put in, for the sheer amount of lessons on team-work and leadership I learnt through these stints is uncountable.
  2. Summer internship: I spent my summers doing more data-crunching in less than two months than I had ever done before. But I was home, ate a lot of free Amul ice creams and also my internship won me an NHRD competition.
  3. HR classes: After years and years of studying subjects that didn’t inspire me, I finally got to study the subjects of my choice, so that was the best part. Then I had the most awesome classmates ever and yeah, HR definitely boosted our CGPA’s. 😛
  4. Live Projects: I must have done projects for more than half a dozen companies and how I wish I could do more! I am someone who learns through experiences and these projects aided in my learning like no book could have.
  5. Hostel fun in second year: From late night movies to endless rounds of bakar, non-stop UNO to bonding over TT, studying together a night before exams to sharing food and taking care of friends when they were not well, hostel was truly a home away from home and I am so glad I stayed there in the second year also.
  6. Placement day: Every B-schooler’s most special day but mine happened on my birthday so it was a little extra special for me. 🙂
  7. Convocation Day: The day we all became post-graduates, ready to take on the world and give it our best.

~ Pranav Sukhija (Alumnus | PGDM 04)