It’s the little things in life..

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Who doesn’t ask for happiness? moreover when it’s all wrapped in a beautiful little package of a sumptuous meal and endless enjoyment post prolonged days of running around, the hustle and bustle of Business Conclave. All a person needs after a month of  rigor is a day to relax and a place to unwind. This is when EazyDiner, our loyal partner played angel with a post event dinner party and tons of memories to cherish. With such a friendly and fruitful collaboration, NMIMS Bangalore only seeks heights to reach and many more such days to come by.

~ Smrithi Gade (PGDM 07)

The Business Conclave 2017 | Shifting Horizons | NMIMS Bangalore

“Work hard in silence and Success will make all the noise.” Synonymous to this was The Business Conclave 2017, organised by Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore at The Lalit Ashok. The event started on a high octane note, with an illustrous panel of speakers and budding management students. This year Business Conclave added a new section by conducting a workshop on “Parallel Thinking”, which saw immense participation from students, an interactive session conducted by Mr. Manish Sampat, where he narrated how to tackle any given problem just by coordinating and planning the way think.

The beginning of the event was marked by the Director Dr.Suresh Mony, giving a brief insight on how businesses have shifted their horizons today with the influx of new technology and innovative methods. The speaker session opened with Mr.Prakash Iyer, Ex-MD Kimberly-Clark, where he talked about how we should keep looking forward but always take take care of people who are less fortunate than us. He gave a resonating statement “To be successful in life we should necessarily have PHD, P for Passion, H for Hunger and D for Disciplne.” Mr. Sanjay Anandram, Governing Board Member of TiE, left an imprinting thought in everyone’s mind by his words, “ Build a good business, worry about valuation later. A good entrepreneur has to know-am I here for the valuation or am I here for the value?” Mr. Nagaraj Prakasham, talked on “Ignoring the Billion”, where he spoke about how to differentiate yourself from others when you want to be an entrepreneur. He told us the best quality of an entrepreneur is that when others see a problem, an entrepreneur sees opportunity and finds a solution to it.
The speaker session was followed by a panel discussion on the topic, ‘Predicting Possibilities: Adapting to the ever-evolving business paradigms.” The panel constituted of four eminent personalities- Mr. Anand Sri Ganesh, VP & Head of Product Management of The/Nudge Foundation; Ms. Renu Rajani, Vice President Infosys; Mr. Vijay Menon, Marketing & Communication Consultant & Author; and Ms. Debleena Majumdar, Storyteller, Entrepreneur and Start-up Adviser. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Sudheesh Venkatesh, CPO of Azim Premji Foundation.
The panel discussed various aspects with Mr. Ganesh throwing light on customer centric views on changes, Ms. Rajani discussing technological advancements and being prepared to work with robot colleagues. Mr. Menon took from the interviews he conducted with various CEO’s and shared his knowledge on how small, medium and large businesses cope with change; and Ms. Debleena helped us discover how the art of storytelling and stories in itself will never be surpassed by the changes enveloping us.
This engaging session was followed by a highly enriching interview session of Mr. Ajay Nanavati, Chairman of Syndicate Bank by Ms. Shruti HM from the Indian Express. They discussed his 30 years of experience in 3M and how he developed from the first employee of 3M in India and went on to take leadership and top management roles. One major takeaway for all young and enthusiastic millennials from this conversation was the experienced suggestion of Mr. Nanavati when he says that one should carefully understand what it is they would like to have written on their tombstone! This is what should be the key driver for all our actions which will eliminate confusion and ambiguity while making decisions.
There were praises galore from all the attendees once the event concluded and vast experience of the panelists, speakers and the interviewee left everyone present with lessons that they can put to good use, not only in their business endeavors but also in their daily lives.

~ Alolika Biswas & Eeshanesh Jha (PGDM 08)

Strategy all the way

Paramarsh, the strategy consortium of NMIMS Bengaluru organized a fun event “STRATOSPHERE” . It had the whole campus up and running with students rushing down the corridor to reach their targets.
A total of 45 teams took part in the event facing the first barrier of a quiz.
The second round was based on strategy where in the contestants were asked to act as the leaders of an imaginary firm and take hard decisions , the deliverables being the number of goods bought and sold with a ton of twists and tweaks in the middle of the game to keep up the challenge. It went on for 45 minutes and the students took this opportunity to hone their negotiation as well as strategic skills.
The junior PGDM batch led the way with their participation and enthusiasm. The event was so thoroughly enjoyed by all the students that it left them waiting and asking for more.
– Rhitam Goswami (PGDM 08)

Getting Lucky with ModEx- Biz and Bytes

The course of MBA is a mad rush with all its assignments,quizzes,class tests, projects and exams leaving hardly a second to breathe. But the routine lets a lull of monotony creep into the hullabaloo. The various clubs in the college keep the students’ time peppered with fun and excitement fueling their studies in hindsight. ModEx- The Business and Technology club of NMIMS Bangalore came up with an interesting event, ‘Biz and Bytes’, and its unique format had the students’ talking with their attention hooked, a week before the actual event. The theme of the event was “Go Get Lucky”, and it played its part in attracting participation of over 150 students in teams of two.

The event was conducted over 3 rounds with each one being an elimination round. Round 1 consisted of participants looking for answers of a crossword puzzle in a host of letters jumbled up. The game had only gotten better when they had predict their score and steal a chance to double their points.

Eight teams advancing to round two had to play a game based on poker where each team had actual poker chips and they had to answer questions on business and tech world in their journey to wining maximum chips. Just the theme of poker and the feel of chips in their hand had the participants buzzing and raring to go.

The final round was based on the game of ludo. The club had actually prepared a giant ludo board with a huge dice for the game. Just the visual was enough to get the participants pumped as it brought out memories from childhood when ludo used to be such an important part of our fun. Like normal ludo game the teams would roll a dice but could move forward only if they answered a question correctly. The tension and excitement amongst both the participants and the audience was palpable. Who doesn’t wanna see the dice of luck roll their way? The team who reached home first,won the game. The whole event was a “diced” bundle of excitement, thrill and fun all rolled into one. This break from the books also gave a sneak peek into the thrill ride that NMIMS Bangalore provides.

~ Eeshanesh Jha (PGDM 08)



First Day at NMIMS – Anushree Kanoi

The expanse of brown and white looked newer than ever, unpolluted by the minimalistic activities of the nearby village; the knowing trees swayed slightly, enjoying the breeze that overcompensates for the unpredictability of the Bangalore weather, and a sea of unfamiliar faces, smiling nervously, made their way to meet and greet the life that awaited them for the next two years.


If only I knew then what I know now; if only I could see that the grass is always greener on the other side. Despite what we may think, no one has it easy.

Fresher graduates worried that they would know very little in comparison to those who come with work experience, commerce students fretted over the learning pace of an engineer, while these two “privileged” parties couldn’t fathom how they’d manage to go back into the habit of studying and learning completely new subjects all over again. The students who took up apartments as an accommodation all advocated how the hostel residents were swimming in luck, they’d be familiar with so many people even before college began. These same objects of en vy, however had their own set of worries – “The hostel rules are so rigid, what are we going to do? We should have taken up a flat. Life would be so much more happening.”

The first day at any institute is a whirlwind of emotions, anxiety and nervous excitement, and NMIMS was no different. These anxiety levels broke all records during the lunch hour. Some of us knew a handful of people, but what about the others? A few tables were already full of large giggling circles with faces that looked so comfortable and at peace, whereas other students were busy looking for that one face who they could find a friend in – they didn’t want to eat alone. Everybody was under pressure from the first day itself; but this was a different kind of pressure, a pressure you put upon yourself to feel ‘one of them’, to feel that you’re accepted, to feel home.

A week into the college, as I look back now at my first day, I wish I could tell my batch-mates that all our worrying was baseless and futile. We’re all in the same boat, and we’re all more alike than we realize it. If somebody were to walk from table to table and overhear the small talk that was taking place, he’d be astonished at the synchronized questions – it was as if somebody was reading off a script.

“Hey, where are you from? Okay, flat or hostel? Nice, are you a fresher? So which stream were you a part of? Which specialization are you considering? Awkward silence.” The guide to making friends had hit its last page, and one was out of questions.

What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?

It is ironical how it was the conversation that followed this regime that determined who were going to be your friend- because that exchange, my friends, was genuine.


We spend months preparing for our first day in college. We discuss fervently about what would be appropriate to wear, try our level best to finalize a “furnished” accommodation with people whose interests match our own, some of us try even to learn basic cooking, look up placements, interact with seniors as to what to expect, memorize the course structure by heart. In reality, none of us really prepares for the first day, or expects the training that we’re going to be embedded in from the first hour itself. So when the time actually comes, and we find ourselves sitting in the seminar hall, with accomplished personalities telling us about hard work, dedication and balance, our brain springs back into action after a long hiatus, exhausting itself in the process. The result- we’re tired, at a loss of words, dazed and numb. Our apprehensions take a front seat and we wonder if we’ve made the right choice, whether this really was the right time to do an MBA, what if we don’t fit in, what if we fail? However, the very next day, we find ourselves marching right back into our headquarters, waiting to find out about our divisions, armed with a yet new guide to make new friends; a sea of now somewhat familiar faces, smiling a little less nervously, a sea that doesn’t realize that it has crossed the first hurdle, it has made it through its first day.

         – Anushree Kanoi (PGDM 08)

City Lights ~ Vibhuti Bakshi

city_lights_by_zy0rg-d64jru9I scream and shout,
But there’s no one to hear me,
People pass me by,
A shadow on the pane,
A crack in the vain,
I am unable to open my eyes,
Air doesn’t seem to meet my lungs,
Dirty and ambiguous,
Images imprinted in my brain,
Every tick of the watch taunts me,
I am away from home,
The glitz and glamour washed away,
The steak reality breaks free,
I stand alone on a street,
On a path, where there is no place to breathe,
I stand alone in a crowd,

NMIMS Diary – Day 1

The day had finally arrived. Eager and enthusiastic as I was, I got ready speedily (which seldom happens). I had decided to reach a little early so that I could explore the campus; ready to build my dreams with rocks of passion. I got down the bus and ‘Oh My Holy Golly Gosh!’

There I was, the pilgrim, standing before my garbled temple, which stood amidst a cluster of puddles and heaps of gravel, echoing with the cackle and clatter and jingle and jangle of the bulldozer monster and the loader monster. The sight came as a shock. In a fraction of second, I did some soul searching. Was my glass half full or half empty? Time has the answer. I stepped inside the building, now with meek expectations and a dolorous heart. Before me a sea of people awaited me.

People from similar walks of life had started teaming together. An old friend of mine had given me an unpalatable list of ‘do’s and don’ts in a business school’. Hence I made sure I introduced myself to as many people as possible, while not forgetting the big fat smile. I was living a quiz all throughout. The event started and so did the monotony of the day. Lecture after lecture, followed by another lecture wherein the ‘nouveau riche’ strongly advocated how trivial money was!

(Reader, I was quite amazed to see that how once did they not realize that the fee structure of their ‘muddy puddly’ campus thwarted their prophecies.) Anyhow, we were invited for luncheon that provided the opportunity to puncture each others brain again.

Now during the first half of my ‘getting-to- know-each- other’ exercise, I was saturated with people boasting about their formidable work experience in some ‘inky pinky ponky ltd’. So I found solace in a girl, who looked like a little version of Harry Potter. At that point of time I cherished the ‘Hari da puttar’ because she had the same ‘berozgar’ past as I did. But as an old adage goes, looks can be often deceptive, this little package blabbered a lot. She talked about comets, about traffic in Bangalore, about upcoming US elections, about some ‘panipuriwala’ and blah blah blah blah and only God knows how did she link them all. She smiled throughout and while she blabbered I wondered whether my smile was as big as hers. Fortunately, the event resumed and unfortunately was taken up by the seniors. With constant rhyme between PCOM and DCOM and DCOM and PCOM, all I could conclude was, that hard times were on their way.

The day ended and by this time my ears were bleeding (not literally, I mean you know what I mean right!). I so wanted to be back to my place and be alone for a while. As I bid farewell to my little friend, the inquisitive animal in her woke up. She inquired about my plans. Now reader, it is very difficult to tell a girl where you’re planning to go because it’s difficult to answer the rest……. Where? When? And for what purpose? And then came the worst “I would like to join”. My heart sank.

The long day had a long conclusion (because my little friend does not know how to conclude). With a dubious mind and a curious heart, I awaited the next day.

PS- It’s been almost a week in college. And it’s been fun so far. So what if my temple was half done. I built one in my head. Its hallways are as lofty as a cathedral and the arch of each window as supple as a bow. And my little friend, if you don’t stop sucking my brain, I will hunt you down one day and maybe eat you alive.

~ Pallavi Sharma (PGDM 07)

Know Your Buddy-Pragya Dass

Hello everyone! I’m Pragya, from the city of joy!

I have done my graduation in management ,2015 passout.

I take some time to open up but once I get comfortable with someone, it’s really difficult to make me shut up! I’m a total movie buff and though it’s difficult to believe seeing my size, but I’m a foodie too! 😀 I’m also a dog lover and speak a language that even I don’t understand when I have them around ! it’s more like a reflex. J

One more thing that I’m really passionate about is dancing! From a very young age I have taken interest in dance and have involved myself in different competitions and cultural fests throughout school and college !

After spending 22 years in Kolkata, Bangalore Is something im really looking forward to. Though the thought of staying all by myself, away from home is giving me butterflies in my stomach, but I’m sure it’s going to be really exciting too! J

Looking forward to meet some really interesting people in college. See you guys in Bangalore!! IMG_0334.JPG

Know Your Buddy – Sayali Dokey

An Engineer from Pune to tell you all,

I am Sayali Dokey my friends – quite tall !
Lucky to have worked in a chocolate factory,
For me a weekend movie is mandatory !😀
Dance is my passion – Bharatnatyam or Bollywood,
Good food & music are enough to lift my mood !🙂
Trekking & nature trails is true peace for me,
Painter or a sportsman was something I always wanted to be !
Let me tell you a secret I cannot sing good at all,😛
Now seriously can’t wait anymore to meet you all !!!
My paintings!

Know Your Buddy – Deepanshu Gupta

Greetings Buddies,

This is Deepanshu Gupta.  I come from city Banda located in Uttar Pradesh.  4 years of engineering from NCR and 19 months of association with Cognizant, Pune has shaped the person I am today.

Drawing! I wouldn’t say I am pro at it but  I do draw cartoons especially Walt Disney characters. I also have boots having wheels connected to its bottom that helps a person to propel on surface. Yes, I am taking about rolling skates. Skating is a stress buster for me. Apart from these, I am crazy in exploring food, known as FOODPANDU at my previous workplace, reading reviews on zomato is my every other day activity. I enjoy partying with friends . With below intros, I see a lot of interesting people to jel up in coming days.

Keeping it short, I am looking forward for a wonderful 2 years of learning and enjoyment through my next step at NMIMS, Bangalore.

The rest will be seen sooner..!