NMIMS Diary – Day 1

The day had finally arrived. Eager and enthusiastic as I was, I got ready speedily (which seldom happens). I had decided to reach a little early so that I could explore the campus; ready to build my dreams with rocks of passion. I got down the bus and ‘Oh My Holy Golly Gosh!’

There I was, the pilgrim, standing before my garbled temple, which stood amidst a cluster of puddles and heaps of gravel, echoing with the cackle and clatter and jingle and jangle of the bulldozer monster and the loader monster. The sight came as a shock. In a fraction of second, I did some soul searching. Was my glass half full or half empty? Time has the answer. I stepped inside the building, now with meek expectations and a dolorous heart. Before me a sea of people awaited me.

People from similar walks of life had started teaming together. An old friend of mine had given me an unpalatable list of ‘do’s and don’ts in a business school’. Hence I made sure I introduced myself to as many people as possible, while not forgetting the big fat smile. I was living a quiz all throughout. The event started and so did the monotony of the day. Lecture after lecture, followed by another lecture wherein the ‘nouveau riche’ strongly advocated how trivial money was!

(Reader, I was quite amazed to see that how once did they not realize that the fee structure of their ‘muddy puddly’ campus thwarted their prophecies.) Anyhow, we were invited for luncheon that provided the opportunity to puncture each others brain again.

Now during the first half of my ‘getting-to- know-each- other’ exercise, I was saturated with people boasting about their formidable work experience in some ‘inky pinky ponky ltd’. So I found solace in a girl, who looked like a little version of Harry Potter. At that point of time I cherished the ‘Hari da puttar’ because she had the same ‘berozgar’ past as I did. But as an old adage goes, looks can be often deceptive, this little package blabbered a lot. She talked about comets, about traffic in Bangalore, about upcoming US elections, about some ‘panipuriwala’ and blah blah blah blah and only God knows how did she link them all. She smiled throughout and while she blabbered I wondered whether my smile was as big as hers. Fortunately, the event resumed and unfortunately was taken up by the seniors. With constant rhyme between PCOM and DCOM and DCOM and PCOM, all I could conclude was, that hard times were on their way.

The day ended and by this time my ears were bleeding (not literally, I mean you know what I mean right!). I so wanted to be back to my place and be alone for a while. As I bid farewell to my little friend, the inquisitive animal in her woke up. She inquired about my plans. Now reader, it is very difficult to tell a girl where you’re planning to go because it’s difficult to answer the rest……. Where? When? And for what purpose? And then came the worst “I would like to join”. My heart sank.

The long day had a long conclusion (because my little friend does not know how to conclude). With a dubious mind and a curious heart, I awaited the next day.

PS- It’s been almost a week in college. And it’s been fun so far. So what if my temple was half done. I built one in my head. Its hallways are as lofty as a cathedral and the arch of each window as supple as a bow. And my little friend, if you don’t stop sucking my brain, I will hunt you down one day and maybe eat you alive.

~ Pallavi Sharma (PGDM 07)

Thy Love!

thy-love-picPretense is boring. If it isn’t now, it will sometime soon be. Being you is always in vogue!

Well, there is this one friend that you always talk to. And forth, of course!! That one alter ego who apparently knows more than you do, more often than not.

This friend should have been the most awesome person you could have ever come across during the sunny days of life – days when you were making hay while the sun shone.

This friend comprehends what your heart speaks for and what your head asks for. It isn’t easy to bail you out of such complicated dilemmas. Your friend finds it a cakewalk though!

A feeling so intriguingly magical would be when you start believing that a few intrepid moments spent with this friend are those that design your beautiful calling, your dream.

This friend, my friend, is your first love – the inner you. None but you alone can afford it. None other than you would invest in it.

So I say – “Pamper thyself, for you are beautiful.  And then watch the world fall in love with you!”

Sounds cool 🙂 ??

~ Lakshmikanth M P

Maybe it’s not an end after all

there-is-always-hope-typography-mobile-wallpaper-1080x1920-2417-450529282There was a time when people used to genuinely care,
Always ready with a helping hand and willing to share
There was no ulterior motive to whatever they did,
At other’s service as long as they lived
I wonder what changed, for the reality is so crude,
Today, the only thing that people are, are rude and shrewd
But maybe it’s not so bad and only a survival instinct,
Saving them from fading away and becoming extinct
Therefore it might not be an end to our humanity or humane,
Only something that we picked up to carry forward  and sustain…
                                                                                                          ~ Rishika Bagla


Joys of childhood had a tender innocence,
Silently relived with a hearty reminiscence,
How pure were those days,
No worries,sorrows or colluded ways.

As I grew up by number and age,
I learned and unlearned at every stage,
Now at others, I giggle, tee-he or pun,
But laughing at myself is no more fun.

I pompously chortle at the foolish others,
But defend the “I”,from sarcasm of others,
I learned to be cranky, touchy and sensitive,
And unlearned innocence, Thy holy gift.

I learned to howl at the neighbors mi-micks,
But a joke on me is always a “planned gimmick”.
So, now as years have passed by,
I wonder If I actually laugh ?,while I give it a try.

Sadly I realize that,
I learnt little and unlearnt alot,

Now as I wish to unlearn this howl,
And truly learn to laugh, An Awakening dawns in me.

Mock yourself for your famous gaffe,
Then U shall shed the “I”, and truly learn to laugh..!!!

                                                                                               ~~~ Jai Malhotra