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“In real life, strategy is very straightforward. You pick a general direction & implement like hell.” 
– Jack Welch

This quote by Jack Welch the iconic CEO of General Electric from 1981 and 2001 revolutionized the way we looked at strategy around the world and it plays a big part in how we at Paramarsh like to operate. The strategy club at NMIMS aptly named Paramarsh has always excelled at connecting the corporate world of consulting with the academia.

Led by the ever approachable President of Paramarsh, Archit Kumar and the other senior team including Richa Goel, Kshitiz Malhotra and Shubham Dubey have a formed a closely knit family, one that they fiercely protect. They instil a sense of comradery and togetherness that makes the club more of a family and that shows in all events the club conducts.

The flagship event of Paramarsh this year was Stratosphere that was conducted over three fun-filled rounds including a quiz, a second rip-roaring strategy game called the “Subway Samasya” and the finale that culminated in a case study presentation in front of the two judges that included the Paramarsh Mentor Prof. Harshvardhan and our very own director of NMIMS, Suresh Mony Sir.

A number of exciting events are yet to be hosted including “Chanakyaneeti” during the cultural festival Nityaskh IV. There is a persevering need to make Paramarsh bigger and better this year that the fresh blood (read PGDM 06 inductees) are dedicated to achieve under the watchful tutelage of the senior members and ofcourse the mentors and other well-wishers at  Paramarsh.