A typical day at NMIMS Bangalore!

8.00 am…..I wake up. Get buckled up for the day… no idea how it was about to go.

*Rushes to the class, hardly any scope for breakfast.*

Well, the first break happens after an early morning session. It’s some chai and post-session discussions before we rush in for the next class. Yes, we are used to the rush.

Oh those case studies, you can’t afford to blink your eyes once they go on!

….The Professor walks in and sets you onto a graded group task, surprises lose their meaning after a while.

Meanwhile a couple of presentations have been added to your agenda before you rush up for a coffee in your 10 minutes of break.

You receive a mail about your next quiz, for that you would be leafing through the texts, one hundred pages at a time….but that’s just one of those quizzes.

3.30 pm…. Committee calls for a meeting

5.00 pm…. Club calls for a meeting

6.00 pm…. Intra-college event, every week, week after week.

7 pm… You realize that you haven’t yet had the first full meal of the day. You count the number of coffees. You make peace with that.

10 pm… Football!!!

12 am… Everyone is wide awake. You realize there’s miles to go before you sleep. You tell yourself it’s getting difficult for you.

You sit down with the texts. You sit with the presentation. Most judiciously, you sit with your new family as you keep driving into the night. You do the bakar.

It’s difficult. You do it anyway.

3 am….Zzzzzzz

Three months into life at NMIMS, I have realized that the boundaries that you see are the ones you set in your mind.

These boundaries can be broken when pushed hard enough…

~ Nishith Kapoor

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