Strategy all the way

Paramarsh, the strategy consortium of NMIMS Bengaluru organized a fun event “STRATOSPHERE” . It had the whole campus up and running with students rushing down the corridor to reach their targets.
A total of 45 teams took part in the event facing the first barrier of a quiz.
The second round was based on strategy where in the contestants were asked to act as the leaders of an imaginary firm and take hard decisions , the deliverables being the number of goods bought and sold with a ton of twists and tweaks in the middle of the game to keep up the challenge. It went on for 45 minutes and the students took this opportunity to hone their negotiation as well as strategic skills.
The junior PGDM batch led the way with their participation and enthusiasm. The event was so thoroughly enjoyed by all the students that it left them waiting and asking for more.
– Rhitam Goswami (PGDM 08)

Getting Lucky with ModEx- Biz and Bytes

The course of MBA is a mad rush with all its assignments,quizzes,class tests, projects and exams leaving hardly a second to breathe. But the routine lets a lull of monotony creep into the hullabaloo. The various clubs in the college keep the students’ time peppered with fun and excitement fueling their studies in hindsight. ModEx- The Business and Technology club of NMIMS Bangalore came up with an interesting event, ‘Biz and Bytes’, and its unique format had the students’ talking with their attention hooked, a week before the actual event. The theme of the event was “Go Get Lucky”, and it played its part in attracting participation of over 150 students in teams of two.

The event was conducted over 3 rounds with each one being an elimination round. Round 1 consisted of participants looking for answers of a crossword puzzle in a host of letters jumbled up. The game had only gotten better when they had predict their score and steal a chance to double their points.

Eight teams advancing to round two had to play a game based on poker where each team had actual poker chips and they had to answer questions on business and tech world in their journey to wining maximum chips. Just the theme of poker and the feel of chips in their hand had the participants buzzing and raring to go.

The final round was based on the game of ludo. The club had actually prepared a giant ludo board with a huge dice for the game. Just the visual was enough to get the participants pumped as it brought out memories from childhood when ludo used to be such an important part of our fun. Like normal ludo game the teams would roll a dice but could move forward only if they answered a question correctly. The tension and excitement amongst both the participants and the audience was palpable. Who doesn’t wanna see the dice of luck roll their way? The team who reached home first,won the game. The whole event was a “diced” bundle of excitement, thrill and fun all rolled into one. This break from the books also gave a sneak peek into the thrill ride that NMIMS Bangalore provides.

~ Eeshanesh Jha (PGDM 08)