A typical day at NMIMS Bangalore!

8.00 am…..I wake up. Get buckled up for the day… no idea how it was about to go.

*Rushes to the class, hardly any scope for breakfast.*

Well, the first break happens after an early morning session. It’s some chai and post-session discussions before we rush in for the next class. Yes, we are used to the rush.

Oh those case studies, you can’t afford to blink your eyes once they go on!

….The Professor walks in and sets you onto a graded group task, surprises lose their meaning after a while.

Meanwhile a couple of presentations have been added to your agenda before you rush up for a coffee in your 10 minutes of break.

You receive a mail about your next quiz, for that you would be leafing through the texts, one hundred pages at a time….but that’s just one of those quizzes.

3.30 pm…. Committee calls for a meeting

5.00 pm…. Club calls for a meeting

6.00 pm…. Intra-college event, every week, week after week.

7 pm… You realize that you haven’t yet had the first full meal of the day. You count the number of coffees. You make peace with that.

10 pm… Football!!!

12 am… Everyone is wide awake. You realize there’s miles to go before you sleep. You tell yourself it’s getting difficult for you.

You sit down with the texts. You sit with the presentation. Most judiciously, you sit with your new family as you keep driving into the night. You do the bakar.

It’s difficult. You do it anyway.

3 am….Zzzzzzz

Three months into life at NMIMS, I have realized that the boundaries that you see are the ones you set in your mind.

These boundaries can be broken when pushed hard enough…

~ Nishith Kapoor



The Public Relations Cell of NMIMS Bangalore works towards building and maintaining strong tie-ups between the institute and the media, corporate and student community. We have a Media Relations Wing which works towards getting media coverage of various events and campaigns held at NMIMS Bangalore. We have developed strong relations with prominent media houses including The Hindu, DNA, and Indian Express. Our Social Media wing is responsible for communicating and informing relevant information and updates related to the institute to some of our major stakeholders, including prospective students and corporates, over our social media channels such as the official Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts of our institute. We have an active presence on Pagalguy, a leading MBA portal, where our Aspirant Relations team members interact with prospective students, tell them about our institute, answer their queries and support them in their admission processes.

Media Relations and Press Release:

The Media Relations wing of the PR Cell works towards getting media coverage of various events and campaigns held at NMIMS Bangalore. We have developed strong relations with prominent media houses including The Hindu, DNA, and Indian Express.

Social Media & Pagalguy:

The Social Media wing is responsible for communicating and informing relevant information and updates related to the institute to some of our major stakeholders, including prospective students and corporates, over our social media channels such as the official Facebook, Pagalguy and Twitter accounts of our institute. We also use these mediums to showcase the various activities and events that take place in our campus.

We have an active presence on Pagalguy, a leading MBA portal, where we interact with prospective students, tell them about our institute, answer their queries and support them in their admission processes.



An initiative of the NMIMS Bangalore PR Cell, Illuminatix is a national-level competition, wherein teams from premier colleges across India battle it out for the coveted top slot in two stages- An online round and the final showdown. The event is held every year at the NMIMS Bangalore campus.

MPE Meet

PR Cell is responsible for organising the MPE (Management Program for Executives) meet. The objective of the event is to help connect the PGDM students of our institute with the much senior MPE students in a fun-filled and informal manner.


The PR Cell organizes it’s flagship event TEDxNMIMSBangalore is a forum to bring together a great syndication of ideas on a powerful theme and provide a platform for effective dissipation of these ideas. It is not unusual when someone would share a TEDx video to describe how it has inspired him or given him an all together new perspective about something. In this sense, TEDx is a very powerful event, one that can have an everlasting impact on the audience and thanks to the internet, continue to do so for many years to come. Our objective is to provide more such opportunities to the vast audience and reach of TEDx.


The Placement Committee is a 2 year grind which channelizes its efforts in ensuring that the students get the ideal job in a company which is most pertinent to them. We aspire to provide students with a stepping stone into the corporate world and pave the way to greener pastures for the committee stands by the belief that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

The key roles of the placement committee are as follows:

  • To facilitate industrial initiatives such as guest lectures and industrial visits for the students thereby enabling them to assimilate knowledge, learn and grow with this practical exposure
  • To enable students to understand real time problems and work effectively on live projects
  • To engage corporates through diverse and innovative events
  • To provide students with a hands on experience in the corporate world through the medium of summer internship in organisations spanning diverse industries and the student’s choice of specialisation

The event outline is as follows:

  • Placement Activity
  • Guest Lecture
  • Focused group Interaction


Equinox – the entrepreneurship cell of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore endeavors to go beyond the realms of possibilities in getting big ideas to work. The most prominent feature of this club is to associate with the start-up league where the members of the student fraternity can interact with the budding honchos.


One of the key activities of the club includes collaborating for Live Projects with budding start-ups. The major event organized by Equinox is Start-up grind wherein eminent founders and co-founders such as Mr.Vipul Parekh, Founder of Big-Basket, Mr.Hari Nair, Founder of HolidayIQ, Ms.Pallavi Gupta, Co-Founder of Mast Kalander etc. are invited every month to share their views and experiences to help enthusiasts building great companies. The platform enabled many aspirants who want to start something of their own in the near future to get in touch with the Founder and learn from them. The most anticipated event of the year is the day-long Entrepreneurship Summit which would be conducted at a grand scale inviting around 50 Startups to share their views and experiences. The E-summit would encompass a range of events like B-plan, elevator pitch, the bidding game and panel discussion on prominent areas of entrepreneurship. As we foray into these activities the club endeavors to foster a strong network of start-up founders and enthusiasts.

ModEx…..The Business Technology Club!

ModEx, the Business Technology Club of NMIMS, Bangalore, was formed two years ago with the prime objective of providing a platform for all the upcoming managers to gain knowledge and expertise about the tool Microsoft Excel, one of the most powerful tools used in businesses across the globe. ModEx also believes in keeping students in sync with the latest updates in the world of Business and Technology.


Aligning with the theme, ModEx organizes various events round the year to test and enhance the Business, Technological and Excel skills of the students. The first event of the club this year was Biz & Bytes, the intra-college quiz where the students had to put their business & technology knowledge to test and battle out several rounds of quizzing to emerge as the winners. The club also organizes workshops to train the students in several tools like Excel, Gretl and R. The flagship event of the club is Excel-o-Mania, which involves an Excel based Treasure Hunt followed by case study.



On 22nd August, finance club of NMIMS, Mudra organised Finance summit 2015 Converge 2.0, sponsored by Bank of Maharashtra. A pan India online quiz was held on 28th July for shortlisting the best of the teams among more than hundred registered teams. The selected teams from various colleges had to present their views on the given topics in front of the Panellists which included Mr. Chetan Deshmukh, finance controller in 3M, Mr. Vikarth Kumar, Director, Grand Thrompton India, Mr.Mrunmay Das, Director, Das Capital and Advisory, Mr. Vikram Bapat, Partner, Grand Thrompton India, Ms. Jennifer Patterson, Times Inc., and Mr. Ravi Banthia, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young. Teams were provided with topics from the current economic scenario – are interest rates too high in India, Impact of GST on India Economy and will the concept of smart cities make the Indian cities smarter.  After the presentations, there was a short discussions by the panellists on “the effect of global turmoil on world economy”.

Mudra is also organizing War of Finlyst in Nityaksh 2015. A case study was given in first round to check the business acumen of team and shortlisted teams will have on campus round in Nityaksh 2015.


Creativity, knowledge, literature, aesthetics- these are just a few of the abstract concepts Knowesis has always been associated with. As the official magazine club of NMIMS Bangalore, we welcome the sheer amount of talent and the thirst for new experiences that come across in every entry we receive from our own students as well as other institutes. With the universe of corporate responsibility approaching, we aim at being the bright corner in the dark room; the one that will always be there for all those who wish to take a breather from all the rat race chaos and pressures.

Apart from coming up with two issues of the magazine in a year and an official Yearbook for the senior batch of the campus, our activities include a range of events that set us apart from academia; and help students dive into pools of refreshing originality and emerge rejuvenated.

Our events include:

Chalk the Walk– a fun poster making competition in association with Udyam, the CSR Committee for the annual Walkathon

Vice Versa– a stress busting event to get the innovative and exciting sides of students; the rules and format change every year

Canvass– panel discussion / debate on a topic of current affairs to get students to know more about trending issues

Sherlocked– the flagship event of the club involving combination of a popular fiction series with analytical thinking and logical reasoning

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As the Human Resources Club of NMIMS Bangalore, our objectives range right from educating interested minds in the more intricate aspects of HR that a layman wouldn’t know about, to demystifying the most popular myths that usually surround this field. For all those who believe that HR is only for women, it comprises of nothing but recruitment, jobs here have limited or no growth prospects and are exceedingly dull; we set the record straight! We help students develop the art of networking, evolve as better professionals for the corporate world, and be the necessary support system for other business functions.

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Our primary events comprise:

Top Talent

It is an annual recruitment simulation that the junior batch of the campus goes through, to get a flavour of what it will be like during the selection processes of summer internships and final placements. The senior batch conducts group discussions and personal interviews for each student, and thereby provides them with comprehensive feedback. The top 15 scorers receive certificates.

HR Symposium

This is one of the flagship events of the campus wherein HR professionals and experts are invited from the industry, not only as guests, but also as key speakers on the theme of the event. The theme chosen is usually relevant to current trends and news in the HR scenario. The programme is followed by dinner for all the visitors and faculty.


No matter what the functions or field are, from marketing to finance, and tech to consumables, the field of operations management will play a large role in education and career. From small businesses providing consulting services to large manufacturers producing heavy machines, operations management is a critical element leading to sustainable competitive advantage. So we as a part of ‘Nirantar’-the operations club of NMIMS, Bangalore, provide a platform for all operations enthusiasts to come together and indulge in fruitful discussions on issues related to operations domain. Or main objective is to generate an increased interest in the subject and facilitate discussions on important issues of developments and trends in operations management. We believe in learning by doing. So, our club aims to achieve this mission through Career guidance sessions, periodic quizzes, Industry visits, simulation games, guest lectures. We as a club also try to analyze the issues Indian industries are currently facing and their effect on economy and try to come up with a solution in the form of case study competition through our flag ship event ‘The Operations Summit’.

operations club