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For any reputed Institute, one of the major strengths is a strong alumni base. NMIMS Bangalore’s Alumni Committee – ‘Insignia’ devotedly functions to enhance the bond between the institute and its alumni for a mutually beneficial relationship. We maintain a close relationship with our alumni and ensure their active participation in the functioning of their Alma matter.

With the inception of our college in 2008, we currently have alumni strength of around 662. The alumni committee was formed in the academic year 2010-11 and currently has 21 members which is a mix of senior and junior members. The junior members are selected through interview process by the senior members of the committee and the senior members are selected through interview by the faculty coordinator who is responsible for the committee. The president and the joint secretaries of the committee are elected by the members of the committee. All of us in the alumni committee are continuously charged with generating spirit of bonding by helping alumni grow personally and professionally under the college flag. Although the eventual goal of our committee is to create goodwill which results in gifts of time and money, we are trying to promote programmes and initiatives for our alumni over the short term that will cause a connective spark.

The alumni committee organizes diverse events round the year. The major ones include,

Coffee Meet with Alumni: NMIMS strongly believes that every former student is special in their own way. To continue the tradition of building a strong alumni connection, this year we had ‘Coffee Meet’ with our alumni on 8th August 2015 at NMIMS Bangalore Rooftop.

The reunion was attended by 65 alumni. The meet kicked off with a welcome address and the air was filled with fond memories of our alumni recalling and sharing their NMIMS days. We even had good wishes and messages sent by alumni who could not attend the meet. To bring back memories of fun filled events at NMIMS, we organised games and competitions which were followed by the prize distribution ceremony. We also had the inauguration ceremony of the ‘Alma Connect’ website portal followed by detailed instructions regarding the same.

Towards the end of the event, we had a cake cutting ceremony with one alumnus of each batch who did the honour of cutting the cake. This was followed by delicious snacks. There was lot of excitement and bonding over snacks, with nostalgic music playing in the background.

It was finally time to say goodbye. The alumni left with a feeling of nostalgia, waiting to bond over the next alumni meet.

Grand Annual Alumni Meet: The Grand Alumni Meet is a time for the alumni to come back and meet up with old friends.  It is also a time to reminisce about their college years. Last year ‘The Grand Alumni Meet’ was held on 1st February 2015 in Club Cabana Resort from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Registration was followed by distribution of wrist bands. Transportation was arranged from the campus itself.

The meet started with a welcome address by Puja Das. This was followed by having our alumni grouped into teams and playing a game of Treasure Hunt. Breakfast was arranged at the venue. To add some fun to the event and keep the guests engaged, we had a Tombola game conducted by the students of PGDM 04 and PGDM 05. The person giving the right answers received chocolates. There was lunch organized. There were various games in the resort such as Bowling, Archery, Snooker, Cricket, Carom, Chess and Badminton. There were also few water sports and rides which the Alumni enjoyed thoroughly.

Towards the end of the event, we had high-tea at Club Cabana and the alumni were dropped back to the campus.

This year the event is scheduled to happen on 30th January 2016.

Interactive Sessions with Alumni: The committee also organises alumni interaction sessions for the current batch of students regularly, so that the students can gain a first-hand insight into the corporate world. We also seek our alumni guidance to hone the skills of our current students through mock interviews and also conduct interactive sessions with them so as to learn a lot from their valuable experiences.

Other activities of our committee include updating and maintaining alumni database, engaging alumni on LinkedIn and Facebook Alumni groups, Alumni Connect, newsletter of the Alumni Committee which will be sent to all the alumni periodically.

All of these events provide an opportunity for the alumni to catch up with old buddies, narrate stories and also learn about what exciting endeavours their alma mater is spearheading.


We at NMIMS, Bangalore believe that students – past and present, are the ones who define a Business School. Faculty and staff are important, but students are unique in their own way—whether they are current students or long graduated. Also an Institute is known by the achievements of its alumni and the difference they make to the world around them. In view of the same we, Insignia – The Alumni Committee endeavor to connect, engage, celebrate and build lifelong relationship with our alumni, which is mutually beneficial.

We attempt to connect the alumni of the institute with their Alma Mater and the current set of students through Social Media – Alma connect website, Facebook & LinkedIn, Coffee Meets at the campus and through our flagship event ‘The Grand Alumni Meet’. We keep the alumni informed about relevant job postings and take their guidance to hone the skills of our current students through mock interviews and also conduct interactive sessions with them so as to learn a lot from their valuable experiences. All of these alumni events provide an opportunity for them to catch up with old buddies, narrate stories and also learn about what exciting endeavors their alma mater is spearheading.