The Academic Committee at NMIMS Bangalore thrives to provide a prior corporate exposure to the students through live project opportunities at various renowned companies as well as start-ups. This helps the students experience the nuances of the corporate world and be prepared for their upcoming targets in the business world. These projects are for an approximate span of two months and will take together all fields of management like marketing, finance, HR, operations, analytics. Apart from these, the Committee also organises competitions and case analysis to inculcate healthy competition and think beyond the ordinary.

About the team

academic committe group pic

The team is a decent amalgamation of seniors and juniors mentored by       Dr. A.Aparna and Prof. Eklavya Baruah. The present team is led by Ojaswita Gupta, a senior student from PGDM-05 batch.

We have companies like Wipro, HCG, CGI, Ginger, Accenture and start-ups like Nightpanda visiting us offering live projects and summer internships.

Cherry on the top

The B Plan competition held on 7th August 2015, Friday, sponsored by SOC Analytics and organised by the Academic Committee at NMIMS Bangalore. It was a live case analysis regarding online promotion programmes of one of the clients of SOC Analytics. The four final teams – Archit Kumar and Arjun Manek, Pratap Deshmukh and Anil Sahu, Manogna and Bala Vege, Akash Sharma and S R Subham- were judged by Reecha Sinha and Samir Prakash, from SOC Analytics. The winners, Akash Sharma and S R Subham received a cash price of Rs.3000 and all the finalists received participation certifications.

Worldly Wise is the quiz out-of-box to put the grey matter to test. The quiz includes all the management streams. Each stage comes up with a unique twist in the regular plot making it all the more exciting and challenging.

acad com worldly wise

This is what we are in this short span. We promise that they willl be many more to come. Stay tuned with us at


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