Creativity, knowledge, literature, aesthetics- these are just a few of the abstract concepts Knowesis has always been associated with. As the official magazine club of NMIMS Bangalore, we welcome the sheer amount of talent and the thirst for new experiences that come across in every entry we receive from our own students as well as other institutes. With the universe of corporate responsibility approaching, we aim at being the bright corner in the dark room; the one that will always be there for all those who wish to take a breather from all the rat race chaos and pressures.

Apart from coming up with two issues of the magazine in a year and an official Yearbook for the senior batch of the campus, our activities include a range of events that set us apart from academia; and help students dive into pools of refreshing originality and emerge rejuvenated.

Our events include:

Chalk the Walk– a fun poster making competition in association with Udyam, the CSR Committee for the annual Walkathon

Vice Versa– a stress busting event to get the innovative and exciting sides of students; the rules and format change every year

Canvass– panel discussion / debate on a topic of current affairs to get students to know more about trending issues

Sherlocked– the flagship event of the club involving combination of a popular fiction series with analytical thinking and logical reasoning

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