As the Human Resources Club of NMIMS Bangalore, our objectives range right from educating interested minds in the more intricate aspects of HR that a layman wouldn’t know about, to demystifying the most popular myths that usually surround this field. For all those who believe that HR is only for women, it comprises of nothing but recruitment, jobs here have limited or no growth prospects and are exceedingly dull; we set the record straight! We help students develop the art of networking, evolve as better professionals for the corporate world, and be the necessary support system for other business functions.

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Our primary events comprise:

Top Talent

It is an annual recruitment simulation that the junior batch of the campus goes through, to get a flavour of what it will be like during the selection processes of summer internships and final placements. The senior batch conducts group discussions and personal interviews for each student, and thereby provides them with comprehensive feedback. The top 15 scorers receive certificates.

HR Symposium

This is one of the flagship events of the campus wherein HR professionals and experts are invited from the industry, not only as guests, but also as key speakers on the theme of the event. The theme chosen is usually relevant to current trends and news in the HR scenario. The programme is followed by dinner for all the visitors and faculty.


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